Sole Of My Feet

You just can’t help yourself…, Rather than staring at Princess Portia’s beautiful breasts or perfect arse (like a REAL man would!), YOUR eyes are fixated at her FEET! that’s where you’re meant to be down there at the bottom of her soles! and you have been desperate to know how they smell, how they taste, what it would be like to have those sweaty soles smothering your face… The trouble is, Portia’s seen your constant letching and has realised you’re a pervert!! It can only end with you being her personal foot slave!!!

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Hypno Dr. Jones

Congratulations… You’ve finally decided to take control of your life.. To stop the endless financial splurges on Dommes, buying clip after clip, chronic masturbating and to finally get your life back on track. So you’ve gone to see a NLP therapist, Dr. Jones. Of course, on arrival you notice her strong physique, bulging breasts and as always your eyes are fixed at her stocking clad feet. But she’s going to CURE you, right? Errr WRONG! Unfortunately, this will prove the biggest mistake of your life… As Dr.Jones is going to hypnotise you and turn you into HER OWN SLAVE!!! You will pay TRIPLE her normal rate and you will serve her every whim! But worse than that she is going to BRAINWASH you into a complete submissive to every single female on the planet!!!!

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Dangerous Therapy

After years of SPLURGING all of your money, buying clip after clip, chronically masturbating your life away, you finally decided to take control and went to see a NLP therapist, Dr. Jones. Unfortunately for you, your confessions of financial domination were just too easy an opportunity for Dr.Jones and she decided to take full control of your life! She BRAINWASHED you into paying her ludricously high professional fees and actually WANTING TO GIVE HER COMPLETE FINANCIAL CONTROL. Your efforts to better your life have inadvertently lead you to a new level of LOSER status!

And so now there is NO WAY OUT… You are COMPLETELY HYPNOTISED by her and when she clicks her fingers you are back UNDER HER SPELL and ready to sign more of your life AWAY…

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