Foot Hypnosis

No I don’t put you to sleep or play cheesy soft music in the background… But I do speak to you softly & tease you in a very sexy & sensual way with my perfect pretty little feet… I command you to stare at them while I scrunch my toes & flex my sexy high arches & make your cock drool… lol… I drive you insane til you just can’t take it anymore & have no other choice but to lose your load everywhere!… he he… I say things like ***** stare at my feet * their so pretty * they make your cock so hard * your cock is drooling in your pants * take it out & stroke it * stroke it hard & fast while you stare at my pretty toes * my soft sexy soles make you rock hard * sniff them * lick them * stroke it faster * my pretty little toes love to caress hard objects like your nice hard shaft * put your cock in between my feet * keep stroking it * your going to explode * stroke it harder * stroke it faster * cum while you stare at my pretty lil feet * make sure you get it all out ***** 🙂

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