I am a mind sucking succubus!

I am a succubus! Do you heard about me?
I like to drain the power of men!
Ok, you are not really a man, but…
I will take your mind and suck every
tiny piece of will out of your brain!
You will lose control and do whatever I tell you!
You have no chance to resist – and then I’m
going to control your orgasm! You will have to cum!
As much as I want you to cum! Can you stand it…?

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!

Hypno Orgasm Control -part2

The Enchantress gets right down to business in this seductive recording of Hers. Almost Immediately you are transported to Her Realm, where She informs You that She taking more control of Your body and mind. The dulcet tones of Celine ‘s Voice trap you like a fly in a spider’s web. Stuck, unable to move, Her Words continue to program,instruct and control you. She continues to manipulate your emotions your mind and eventually even your body responds to Her automatically. The climax reveals a devastating hypnotic trigger that the title of the clip suggests.This recording truly demonstrates the absolute power of Celine’s Hypnotic Control, by the end of the recording a simple hypnotic trigger will cause you to, literally, come at Her Command

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