I fuck your brain – and even more!

Look at my gorgeous tits – and lose your mind!
Do whatever I tell you, don’t try to hesitate…!
You want to relax – and I can help you!
You and your dick are mine! And your money too!
But that doesn’t matter anymore, you need nothing
more than me and my stunning hot body!

Let me fuck your brain – NOW!

You want to surrender your mind

I know why you are here – you want to surrender!
You don’t know what to do and you want ME to decide!
You want me to fuck your brain and take your will!
This is ok! Just sit back and relax…
How does it feel…? I will count down and with each
number you will fall deeper under my magic.
Your cock will grow and become even harder.
Are you ready for the ultimate release…?

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!

Hypnosis pt3

We are three videos in and I know that you have already bowed down before Me, however I need to make sure that all parts of your brain are programmed completely. Today I will be taking over your mind with My perfect breast. You are so weak when it comes to them that now Ive decided to use them to My full advantage and program your mind to surrender to Me. How easy is this going to be?!?!? haha

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Hypnosis pt1

I am taking over your mind, body and soul with a series of 5 videos that I will load every day from this day forth. By the end of the last video you will be ready to submit and surrender to your new princess. You will soon find that there is nothing better than being in the hands of Princess Lisa. Start with this 1st video now and get ready to be drawn in with My powerful eyes and soothing voice. Are you ready?

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