Look into my eyes and relax

This will be a really hot journey for you!
From now on there will be nothing like before!
You will loose your mind… just relax…
… look deep into my eyes…
I will fuck your brain! I will control your thoughts!
And one thing is sure… You don’t want to come back!

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First brainfucked and then blackmailed

I know your deepest desires! I am all you want!
And you love the thrill of danger, don’t you?
It makes you even more horny to think about being caught!?
But but careful! Your wishes may become true…!
But not exactly the way you want it…
I will order you what to do! And you can not resist…!

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Miss Deeane uses her tits to fuck you(r brain) !

Miss Deeane promised it in her last clip: You will get a chance to cum!
So just lay back, relax and she will bring you satisfaction!
The rules are simple: Just follow her orders and let her boobs hypnotize you!
You will forget anything else and she will be everything you want…!

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Erotic and soft brain fuck for you!

This is a very nice and sweet brain fucking clip!
Just listen to the sweet and sexy voice you hear.
She will lull you into a magical state of being brain fucked!
You will fall in love to this goddess. Look at her curves!
Look at her ass! Look at her breasts! Look at her lips!
This cute and wonderful smile! Fall completely in love
and lose your mind – you won’t need it anymore…! 🙂

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Wonderful feet smelling will take your mind!

After a wonderful feet bath my sexy toes and soles are full of sand!
So come and salute! Now it is YOUR task to lick them clean again!
And while doing so feel my power! My feet will fuck your brain!
The mighty smelling of my feet confuses use. Can you already feel it?

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My body stocking fucks your brain!

And here you are back again with one purpose only: Serve me!
You will become weaker – while your dick grows and becomes hard!
Through my hot body stocking you can watch my perfect curves!
I’ll confuse you and I will fuck your useless brain!
You cannot hold it any longer and grab your dick!

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Let Princess Jessy’s ass hypnotize you

Princess Jessy’s fucking hot ass will hypnotize you! You want to smell her ass and press your nose between her butt cheeks! You want to lick her. But it is not important what you want, because she will order whatever she likes and you will follow her orders! You have no own will, you are nothing than her puppet…!

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Hypno Orgasm Control

The Enchantress gets right down to business in this seductive recording of Hers. Almost Immediately you are transported to Her Realm, where She informs You that She taking more control of Your body and mind. The dulcet tones of Celine ‘s Voice trap you like a fly in a spider’s web. Stuck, unable to move, Her Words continue to program,instruct and control you. She continues to manipulate your emotions your mind and eventually even your body responds to Her automatically. The climax reveals a devastating hypnotic trigger that the title of the clip suggests.This recording truly demonstrates the absolute power of Celine’s Hypnotic Control, by the end of the recording a simple hypnotic trigger will cause you to, literally, come at Her Command.

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