The Hypnotized Slave!

My slave is really drunk and after a very cold shower that he got from me I just order him to sleep. He has to drink a lot of water before he has to lay down onto the dirty floor. He hasn`t slept in a real bed for a long time, because as my slave he is not allowed to. Now I am using my beautiful heel to hypnotize him. Hear my soft and beautiful voice that tells him over and over again that he is very tired and that he will fall asleep soon while my beautiful heel is moving very close to his face. He is listening to my words that come to his subconscious and he feels better and better and finally he falls asleep. While he is drifting of in sweet dreams of his mistress I am spitting right into his face several times and at the end I left and let him having a rest for as long as I decide.

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Hypno 1 – Addicted to Mistress Maria

Warning: If you are seriously affected by epilepsy, schizophrenia or depression, don`t watch this clip!

Do you want to become my slave, but you don`t dare to contact me? Let me show you what REAL H Y P N O S I S can do. After initiating the H Y P N O S I S I will gain access to your subconscious that I will reprogram. Listen to my words, that will come to your mind deeper and deeper and will burn into your soul. You can`t resist to think about me over and over again. My H Y P N O S I S will arouse your desire to serve me the way I want and you will love to do everything I tell you because your life is boring and worthless without being allowed to be my slave. You are addicted to me, my voice, my instructions and I will control you and your thoughts. You will realise that you only exist to serve me, to obey my commands and of course to work hard for me. After you will be dehypnotized you will be wide awake and feel as good as you never felt before…

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