You want to surrender your mind

I know why you are here – you want to surrender!
You don’t know what to do and you want ME to decide!
You want me to fuck your brain and take your will!
This is ok! Just sit back and relax…
How does it feel…? I will count down and with each
number you will fall deeper under my magic.
Your cock will grow and become even harder.
Are you ready for the ultimate release…?

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!

Let Princess Jessy’s ass hypnotize you

Princess Jessy’s fucking hot ass will hypnotize you! You want to smell her ass and press your nose between her butt cheeks! You want to lick her. But it is not important what you want, because she will order whatever she likes and you will follow her orders! You have no own will, you are nothing than her puppet…!

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