I fuck your brain – and even more!

Look at my gorgeous tits – and lose your mind!
Do whatever I tell you, don’t try to hesitate…!
You want to relax – and I can help you!
You and your dick are mine! And your money too!
But that doesn’t matter anymore, you need nothing
more than me and my stunning hot body!

Let me fuck your brain – NOW!

My voice is the last thing you remember…

Here you are – at my realm! This is the right place!
And you are here at the right time…
For what you ask me…? For a brainfucking therapy!
You will learn new possibilities how to enjoy your life!
You only have to quit your mind and then open it…
You have to relax and give me your full attention.
And then I’m going to make you happy again and again…!

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!

You want to surrender your mind

I know why you are here – you want to surrender!
You don’t know what to do and you want ME to decide!
You want me to fuck your brain and take your will!
This is ok! Just sit back and relax…
How does it feel…? I will count down and with each
number you will fall deeper under my magic.
Your cock will grow and become even harder.
Are you ready for the ultimate release…?

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!

I am a mind sucking succubus!

I am a succubus! Do you heard about me?
I like to drain the power of men!
Ok, you are not really a man, but…
I will take your mind and suck every
tiny piece of will out of your brain!
You will lose control and do whatever I tell you!
You have no chance to resist – and then I’m
going to control your orgasm! You will have to cum!
As much as I want you to cum! Can you stand it…?

Come in and your brain will be fucked – NOW!